Common Mistakes: Proposals (Learning to Let Go)


As with balloons, sometimes we just have to let go.(Image via via Joseph Pete Pickle)

When we send a proposal out and offer 100 calls and emails to follow up and STILL don’t get a response, we just have to learn to let go and say, “This is not happening.”

I once sent out a proposal to a client and she came in six times to review it with us. Then her husband came in another two times, and after a lot of emails and calls back and forth, I finally said enough is enough. With lots of love, I told them we were no longer interested in doing their job. This, of course came as a great shock to them.

Bottom line: what did they want? For us to lower our prices to such a point that we would lose money.

I think a few clients think they can actually wear you down if they just keep trying. I pride myself in having lots of patience, not to mention working extremely hard on giving good service, but this just plain pisses me off.

I also think that especially now, with our shaky economy, a few clients (not all) are using this tactic more and more. Well, at times, we just need to learn to say, “No can do.”

Is it just me or has this happened to you too? How do you say, “No,” with love?