Common Mistakes: Not Trusting in the Generosity of the Universe


Flower For Those (Photo via).

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”
–Henri Matisse

How many times in the past have I compromised my prices out of fear that if I say no I won’t get the job? And how much fear continues to exist in these difficult economic times?

I think the beauty of being in business for the past 30 years and surviving through more than one recession is that I’ve learned there are going to be great years and not so great years. To want anything else is not very realistic. Yet, we’re constantly fearful of the unknown. For me, it was always the fear of not being good enough–until I started accepting the generosity of God and the universe.

There is more than enough out there for all of us. Whenever I go to a place of want, I constantly try to go to a place of being thankful instead. This is not an easy practice. I also notice in myself how difficult it is just to be grateful whenever I’ve accomplished something I wanted desperately, instead of going to a place of wanting MORE, MORE, MORE.

I don’t want to sound as if I’m preaching. It’s my daily practice to constantly meditate and remind myself that success is available to all of us, no exception. The only work we have is to keep practicing our art and trusting the universe.

Universe Photo

So, here are my suggestions for those times when you’re feeling a little unsure:

  • Stop. Breathe. Let yourself worry for five seconds. After your five seconds are over, start thinking about how you can make the situation better and then actually start making it better.
  • Talk to someone who has been in a similar situation. Get his/her advice and knowledge on how to fix the problem. The answers are out there.
  • Attempt fixing your problem one step at a time. It can be overwhelming trying to rule the world or plan an event in just one day. Take it piece by piece and before you know it, the entire puzzle will be solved.

Please share with me, do you believe in the generosity of the universe? Yes or no?

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