Common Mistakes: Not Keeping it Simple


With so many marketing plans and a plethora of information on business, we tend to forget the most basic fact: Your clients need to understand at a glance what you are selling and how much it costs. A confused client is most likely going to keep shopping. I have made the mistake of trying to explain what I do to clients without the proper back-up information and lost clients.

Here are some tips on how to keep it simple:

  • Describe yourself and what you are about in one sentence. Be careful with using superlatives (I am the best, the most creative, etc.). This is what you show them, not tell them.
  • Visuals are a very powerful tool in discussing pricing. Provide images next to your costs and always remember to have at least three choices. (It’s human nature to go with the cheapest, so make sure you are making a good profit.)
  • If you are providing a service only, this is always trickier, write down what you provide in no more than three paragraphs. (Like myself, most clients get bored reading the small print.)
  • Your business should have a very clear vision statement. (This can change yearly as you grow and expand.) For example, when I first started, mine was: We provide opulent florals. When my business grew into events it became: We create dramatic transformations.

Clarity and simplicity are definitely your best selling tools. I am so excited in what we do that I often make the mistake of over-explaining my services, leaving the client with the feeling that I am selling too hard (putting me at a great disadvantage). So, please remember: always keep it simple.

What is your business’ vision statement? And how do you describe yourself to a client?