Common Mistakes: Not Getting the Right People for the Job


I have employed folks with amazing resumes and education; I have even called their old jobs to get references–but these folks turned out to be a big disappointment as workers.

Last week I talked about the importance of taking care of those who work for you, this week I’d like to address what I think makes a great employee. Here are a few important qualities I look for:

  • I love folks who are rule breakers, even those who challenge me to break my own rules.

    If you were a fly on our office wall, you’d hear a lot of very heated discussions (including yelling at times) of my staff defending their points of view. I LOVE THIS. I encourage my folks to teach me things I do not know.

  • I need to feel an instinctive connection with my employees. I have met some people for the first time and offered them jobs almost immediately. When I first met my Executive Director Vivia Costalas I knew she was someone I needed on my team. I call her “my secret weapon.” She is a force to be reckoned with and always has the ability to go the extra mile to do a great job.
  • Commitment: They need to live, breathe and love the event industry. One of my most committed folks is my CEO Xoua Vang. Since many of our businesses are in different time zones (Hong Kong, Indonesia, Europe, the Middle East), Xoua will be in the office until 2am working most days. That is what I call commitment.
  • Fun: I tend to be very laid back with my life in general, and I love folks around me who are not afraid to stop and make a fool of themselves and have a good laugh. I have had the biggest laugh with Karell (my online Goddess), Jee, Camille, Rae, Merv, Nikita, Sanaw, Luiz, Duda, Junior, Anne and Iqbal.

The event business can be rather stressful at times, but we can survive anything with a good laugh. So, for me, no college degree or suits are required–just good ol’ fun creative folks.

If you were applying for a job in our company, what attributes do you think you could add to our group? Let me know.