Common Mistakes: Not creating a "Stop Doing" list


I am an expert at creating To Do lists. It makes me feel in control and also helps keep me moving. At the end of the day, if I accomplished all I set out to do, I feel like it’s a day well lived.

I’ve also found, though, that it’s just as important to be very disciplined and create a “Stop Doing” list. It can become a very powerful tool to grow your business. As soon as I started putting this practice in place my business automatically started expanding. (However, being a creature of habit, it did not come easy to me at first.)

Here are a few examples of what you can find on my Stop Doing list:

  • Stop charging the same amount for your services every year. Like a good wine, your services should increase in value every year.
  • Stop using the same designs more than you have to. If you are in the design business, the only way to grow and keep it fresh is by changing your designs as often as possible.
  • If you have a design or product that you are not making a profit with, YOU NEED TO STOP IT, and re-think the concept.
  • If you do any job that you hate STOP IT. Do not get me wrong, every job has its difficult and boring parts, but at the end of the day it needs to make you happy.
  • Stop being late. Not only with your time, but with your deadlines. (This one is difficult for me. I tend to over promise at times, then be in a mad rush to get it done.)
  • Stop indulging bad behavior with your assistants or employees. We often feel that we cannot do without one or two folks who are working for us and we’ll put up with a lot of junk. In my many years of experience, I always find that as soon as I let them go, I get another person 10 times more dedicated and better.

My suggestion is that anytime you are in the process of doing a To Do list, make sure you also make a “Stop Doing” list. This will become a remarkable way to unplug all kinds of junk from your head and business. What is one important thing you would add to your “Stop Doing” list?

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