Common Mistakes: Help Me To Become a Better Blogger


Suggestion Box Preston Bailey

Dear Readers,

When I started in this business, the only way for floral designers and planners to connect with potential clients and one another was in-person or through the telephone and snail mail. In the past 15 years, the Internet has become an invaluable resource for those of us in the design industry.

I started to understand the importance of having a website just under five years ago. During this time, I have learned a great deal and am still learning. There have been a lot of trial-and-error moments, to be sure. My absolute favorite part of the site has been the blog. This space allows me to have a dialogue with vendors and clients in the community. Staying connected is very important to me and I read all of your comments and take your suggestions very seriously.

It is for this reason that I would like to reach out and ask for your help. I’d like you all to share your thoughts as to how I can make my blog posts more valuable to you. Please be brutally honest (I can take it) and tell me how to improve my blogs.


1. At times, I feel my posts are too long. What is your preference?

2. With blogging being such a personal experience, it’s often difficult not to make them about “me, me, me”. Do you feel the posts are too self-involved or would you prefer to know more about me, my thoughts, and my experiences?

3. Do you feel that I mostly speak to floral designers and planners? Are you someone in another business?

Lastly, I would like to thank you all so much for reading my blog and sharing your wonderful comments with me. My only hope is that my blogs assist you, my colleagues, in some way. Please tell me how I can do this more effectively. Again, this is still quite new to me and your feedback would be greatly appreciated.





(Photo Courtesy of Slap Clap)