Common Mistakes: Having A Positive Attitude With Little Action


No amount of prayers or positive thinking can make anything happen without action. I often forget this very simple truth.

We live in a society where information and everything happens so fast that I usually end up wanting what I want NOW.

I even make the mistake of putting this unreasonable time frame on all my desires.

I think I have full control over making things happen when in reality I have learned more than once: things happen when they are good and ready and, most of the time, they happen when I least expect it.

Taking action could be a form of prayer. Something that you keep doing over and over until you get results. And, like any prayer, even if you don’t get the results you want if you keep doing and believing, you’ll benefit one way or another.

The world’s economy has created a bit of a business challenge for most of us. I wanted to remind myself and others that passion, a positive point of view, and ACTION is what will help us through it.

What is the one “action” you do everyday to keep you growing? What actions do you take to get new clients that we can learn from? What do you think about “positive thinking”?