Common Mistakes: Giving Up Too Soon


As I said before, I have been guilty (too many times) of having a dream and giving up way too soon. For example, the dream of opening up Preston Bailey stores in many cities.

These are the main reasons why I gave up:

  • I kept comparing my beginner’s efforts with others that were more advanced.
  • I wanted my efforts to be perfect.
  • The belief that I’ll never make enough money following this dream.
  • I wanted fame and recognition. (Not a bad thing, however, be careful of making this your main goal.)

I call these reasons my dream killers.

In order to make any dream remotely possible one needs to embrace the following:

  • Stumbling needs to be a part of it. You might have two steps forward and one step backward.
  • Mistakes are completely normal and even expected.
  • Progress, not perfection should be your aim.

  • Awareness of your friends, family or even colleagues who will discourage you.

Big dreams are nothing more than your soul trying to come alive. It’s more like a hunger–if you do not feed it you may starve. But first we need to start by keeping our spiritual eyes open.

Remember these four things:

  1. Be alert and open to encouragement from unexpected places.
  2. Being creative is your God given right. It’s up to you to allow it to flow.
  3. There is more than enough for everyone, even for you.
  4. As we connect with our divine creative side, many great and powerful changes should be expected.

This concludes my week’s view on “dreaming big.” I encourage you all to get a book that changed my life and still use as a reference. This is Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. Julia gives you very practical steps on how to make your dreams a reality.

Just one last question on this subject. What is the one obstacle keeping you from keeping your dream active?