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A lot of folks think working in the wedding and event industry must be incredibly glamorous. But those of us who actually do work in this industry know that 70% of what we do is the opposite of glamorous: we do a lot of schlepping, heavy lifting and juggling, and it’s very hard!

This morning I’m feeling the strain of our industry more than usual; the challenges of the day ahead feel a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, I start every day with a spiritual reading, and today I picked up “Monastery Without Walls: Daily Life in the Silence” by Bruce Davis.

Davis poses many questions in his book, and I found several of them very centering, which is exactly what I needed this morning. He asks:

1. How do we find a new relationship with our work when we dread it?
2. Do we find creativity, play, and meaning in our work? Or, do we work simply to get through another day?
3. Do we go to work only to survive, for future rewards, or for some special status?

Pondering these questions put me in touch with all the reasons I love my job:

1. My work teaches me how to rely on “hidden” harmony, especially when things are stressful, and I need to make difficult decisions.
2. Every day is different. Sometimes I take comfort in the office routine, and sometimes I relish the full life and adventure of meeting a new client or traveling to a new destination.
3. I’m always learning something new from my clients, especially the difficult ones.
4. The work I do opens me up again and again to my unique and creative interior world.

I’m so thankful today for Bruce Davis and his book: his work gave new meaning to my own work right when I needed it. He made me realize that my job is an integral part of living an inspired life.

Dear Readers, what do you do on those days when you wake up dreading work? How do you pull yourself out of your funk and tackle the day’s challenges? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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