Common Mistakes: Crossing the Line With Clients


I was at an event recently where a couple of the planners were dancing up a storm like it was their own party.

It’s hard not to fall in like with most of our clients, especially when we spend the better part of a year with them, and in most cases they eventually adopt you as friends.

However, I am still very old school in this respect.

If I am at an event working, I will not be dancing. Simple as that.

I have no problem with becoming friends with clients, but at what point do we draw the line?

I find that blurring the line with our clients can potentially lead to many conflicts. Sometimes you like them so much as friends that you’ll do almost anything to please them (including losing money).

The good news is that they can be your friends, BUT THEY ARE STILL YOUR CLIENTS and it’s important to set some boundaries.

What do you think about this subject? Have you been adopted by a client and become a family friend?