Common Mistakes: Being Too Concerned With What Others Think

Unidentifiable Judge, Common Mistakes: Caring What Others Think

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It’s very hard to run a business as if you live in a bubble. We are all subject to different types of feedback not only from our peers, but also from our clients.

For instance, years ago I was always insulted when folks thought my work was too over the top and at times vulgar. (Yes folks the vulgar part really hurt.) When actually I was just trying to bring the abundance and beauty of nature from the outside in.

Finally, one day I started embracing being over the top, and not only that, but made it part of my brand statement.

I started attracting high end clients who actually liked the abundance. Since then, I made myself a promise to always follow my gut and ignore comments from jealous peers who are also just trying to find their own way.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • My main concern is to make my clients happy. So, even if the guests don’t like the decor that is perfectly okay. The event was designed for the client’s taste only.
  • Not everyone is going to love everything you do.

    If you are too concerned with what other people think, you’ll never get out of bed in the morning. I suggest you create designs your clients love and that you love too.

  • Last but not least, get far away from the idea of creating THE BEST DESIGN EVER. Design is just design and it does not matter if it’s the best; it just is.

I have been asked many times to be a judge on TV shows. I accepted only once and hated it. The reason why is that I respect everyone’s design process too much to put it down in any way.

I have taught myself to look at everyone’s design with a simple question: what do I LIKE about this design, instead of what do I not like? This is not easy, because I am also capable of being extremely judgmental.

Do you respond well to your work being judged? Yes or no and explain why.