Common Mistakes: Bathroom Attendants


Whenever I go to one of my events (or any party for that matter) I always make mental notes as to what elements are working to enhance the experience of guests, and more importantly, what areas need improvement.  It is my personal opinion that this is our professional duty and the only way to raise the bar when it comes to entertaining.

Today, I would like to list my #1 pet peeve at events: Bathroom Attendants.

There are certain activities that I prefer to do privately.  Going to the bathroom ranks at the top of this list.  I have never understood the concept behind having someone harboring over you, handing you a towel and then asking for a tip.  I always feel badly for the attendant as I am sure there are far better ways to earn a living. I am also perplexed when it comes to calculating the appropriate amount to tip them.

I think this is an unnecessary expense at events and one that makes many guests feel uncomfortable and therefore should be eliminated.

Please share your opinion.  Am I being too strong in depriving someone in earning a living?  How do you feel about bathroom attendants?  Also, please feel free to list the things you feel should not be done at events.  For example, having guests wait in a long buffet line. No one should wait 20 minutes to get their food.  That also drives me crazy.



(Photo Courtesy of Castro Vacation)