Christmas, By Design

Bergdorf Goodman

Dear Readers,

Happy Monday!  With Hanukkah well under way and  only 8 days to go until Christmas,  living in New York, I am a bit spoiled as it seems the entire city goes into “Holiday Mode”.  Windows are decorated, music plays, and shoppers from all over the world come here to pick up that “special something” for that “special someone”.  For those who have never had the chance to enjoy a walk down 5th Avenue in December, I thought it might be nice to share some of the most interesting store windows from recent years.  As a designer, I am always interested to see the different interpretations of the season and the ways in which each display delights those who rush to see them.  In NYC, the unveiling of “the windows” is an event in itself.

Which is your favorite?

Happy Holidays!




Bergdorf Goodman


(Photos Courtesy of Pinterest)