Easter is such a fun and colorful holiday to decorate for; it’s the big kickoff for spring. After weathering the winter doldrums, we are all more than ready for it!

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This year my team came up with “Easter Chicks” for our theme. We made little, floral peeps using styrofoam eggs that we shaved into baby chick shapes, then we glue-gunned tiny silk flowers onto the basic shapes to resemble their fluffy feathers. Their adorable feet are made from shaped wire wrapped in raffia.

place settings, table setting,flowers,reception ideas

You can use these chicks for many different areas in your Easter décor. Put them in your children’s Easter baskets, in nests around the house, or use them as accents to your centerpiece.

place settings, table setting,flowers,reception ideas

This is a great and whimsical alternative to your standard “flowers in a vase.” For our centerpiece we created a lush, miniature landscape for our chicks. We used a basket as our base, lined it with plastic and filled it with pre-soaked oasis. Then, with our trusty glue gun, we embellished the outside of the basket with green silk leaves. We trimmed our basket with a plush fringe of cascading succulents which gives it a very organic appeal. Finally, we stocked our mini-garden with our favorite Spring flowers.

place settings, table setting,flowers,reception ideas

At this time of year the flower markets are teeming with delightful, fresh colors; they all scream, “Spring is coming! Spring is coming!” So, don’t be afraid to play with color and make a bold statement.

Oh, and these Easter Chicks make ideal pets for the kids; no food, no coop, and no messy clean-up. Easy!