Charging A Design Fee and Flowers At Wholesale


wholesale flowers preston bailey charging prices

(Photo via Morgan Banks)

On Monday I asked you how much you’d charge for a low centerpiece that included a glass vase filled with roses and hydrangeas and placed on a cymbidium orchid pedestal. I gave four possible answers:

A) $350
B) $550
C) $700
D) None of the above

Lots of you shared your answers, which was wonderful! But I’d like to address one comment in particular. Here’s what Cassandra had to say:

“D, none of the above. I charge my brides a design fee and then offer them the flowers at wholesale cost. They can Google the cost of the flowers (transparency at it’s finest), so this way they know my fee upfront and accept it.”

Another commenter, Carolyn, wrote that she was very curious to know my response to Cassandra. Here it is:

Dear Cassandra,

Unfortunately, I can’t even begin to understand your pricing system. You claim that your model is transparency at its’ finest, but how do you determine an appropriate design fee for your clients before you’ve created their floral arrangements?

I worry, too, that the message you’re sending to clients is dangerous. You’re suggesting that it’s okay to disregard artistry and concentrate exclusively on the wholesale price of the flowers. I’d love if you could explain how your method works to both Carolyn and myself. Maybe we’re missing something and could learn a thing or two from you!

Dear Readers, what do you think of Cassandra’s pricing method?

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