Chair covers, are they even necessary?



Dear Preston:

I am getting married next month, and my florist insist that I should have chair covers to cover the chairs at my wedding, I happen to think this is an unnecessary expense, What are your thought? Not a chair cover lover.

Dear Reader:

I think this is a very good question, and I am sure your florist/designer has a very good reasons to suggest it. Let me explain when I think a beautiful chair covers is necessary.

1. To cover an ugly chair. Unfortunelty a few ballrooms and venues have very ordinary looking chairs, and having a cover is a good way of dressing them up

2. I have always thought that chair covers could soften the overall look of a wedding, making it look much more warm an intimate.

3. If the chair cover is beautiful, it could add another design element to your wedding.

I think that if you can afford it, you should go for it. I am sure that on your wedding day you’ll be very happy with the overall look.

Also let us not forget. A beautifully design wedding, is all about the small details.


Have you used chair covers in your weddings?

Do you think they are a waist of cash?