Celebrating successes: This week I am honoring one of my PB Protege Jennifer J-Goberdhan.



Celebrating successes:

This week I am honoring one of my PB Protege Jennifer J-Goberdhan:

I’ll like to share with you all a part of a letter and images that I received from her:

Jennifer, Congratulations! I am very proud of you.

This year has been pretty amazing! I have done things that I never thought; I would be able to attempt. I am working full time in my business now, and it has become very demanding. I think I work harder now than I did when I was working full-time at a job.

The skills and techniques that I acquired at the PB Protege workshop have made a significant impact on my business, and my confidence grew even more since I began to execute in my designs.

I would not have been able to do this without you teaching the skill-set and sharing your own journey. I am sharing my work from the past two weddings that I designed in the recent months. In the 1st one, I used the ceiling technique where I hung 4500 wisteria stems from the ceiling using a custom designed frame, built on site at the venue named Stonehaven Villas in Tobago.

The 2nd wedding held at The Trinidad Hilton, where we built a custom floral wall alternating fresh flowers by incorporating several layers of silk florals and fabric into the design. My work from both the weddings made my clients feel over the moon.

Again, thank you for sharing your expert advice and knowledge in all transparency through series of PB Protege hands on workshop.


What do you think of these beautiful designs? As vendors, would you attempt a ceiling like this?