Celebrating success; Honoring one of my PB Protege Attendee, the Event Designer AKEEM CLAYTON


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I recently have had the privilege of having a talented, dynamic event designer
Akeem Clayton from Atlanta Georgia to my recent PB Protege workshop that
was held at the Iconic Hotel The Breakers in Palm Beach.

In the PB Protege workshop, we focused on the topic; “Art of TRANSFORMING
a Space.” I along with my team gave these PB Protege attendees hands-on
training to design over the top signature weddings that is what Preston Bailey
Design is known for. After being more than three decades in the industry, I find it
fascinating to give back and share my expertise with others, who are willing to
learn and move forward in the event industry. And it makes my day, seeing my
fellow industry professional’s applying the knowledge and secrets that they
learned by attending PB Protege workshop and honoring myself to call them as
part of 2016 PB Protege Alumni.

Today I’ll like to celebrate success of Akeem Clayton by showcasing one of his
most extraordinary transformation of a horse stable that he accomplished
successfully in the recent month in my blog post. He used a few of our
mechanics and secrets to creating a very dramatic design concept transforming
the space which is beyond words.

Akeem Congratulations, You made me proud.

Dear Readers;

Question: What do you think is the most remarkable part of this transformation?