Celebrating success: Honoring Arturo de Noriega from Peru





Celebrating success: Honoring Arturo de Noriega from Peru

With my line of work, I have the pleasure of visiting many countries around the world and meet many talented artists. While visiting Peru, It was a thrill to find a true artist and innovator in the event world. And that artist is none other than the amazing Arturo de Noriega.

I was so impressed with this young artist work that I thought about asking him quite a few questions which I am sharing with you:

Arturo, How long have you been an event designer?

I have been in the Event Design business for over eleven years now. When I came back from Europe, I couldn’t find the job in my field, and I found myself in the proverbial ditch. I began with small corporate events. And this is how I created a small business of events. It was then when I realized that I liked, a lot of conceptualism and taking care of every little detail, from flowers to the tent, candles to food, and decoration itself…and as they say, the rest is a history. Almost eight years ago, I started traveling to Europe and US, back and forth and took various courses including interior design. In a way, it’s also related to events. Every event I do, we use architects, and we construct structures that are the same scale of a building or a house.

What is the secret to your success?

There isn’t a secret, and it’s more about honesty and humility. I am adding a few of my rules:

a. I never offer something I know I can’t deliver

b. Transparency between my clients and me is paramount that helps bridge the creative process.

c. I am obsessed with details. As they say, “God is in the details.”

d. I think one of my most appealing quality is that I make my clients feel special and unique. In a way, its like rearing a child.

e. Lastly, I try very hard for each of my events to be very different from each other and not just a cookie cutter.

Where do you get your Inspiration?

I am blessed to be able to travel a lot and meet many good and exciting people, which provide me with a lot of inspiration. For example, once I was in a bathroom at a club with Ursula Sayan, an artist. And it hit me that I wanted to do a theme based off kites (you might recall this in particular since I did this party for you when you came to Lima). Another instance, I got inspired by the cutest little lamp in Colombia. It’s usually the little things, seen through a different light and spectrum.

What makes the wedding design In Peru, different from other countries?

Peru has a lot of manual labor, which is easily accessible. We also have great vendors and artist, that are always willing to give a hundred percent of their talents to produce masterpieces. Peru has untapped creativity and potential to design something unique. One of my goals is to have the world see it, and like me use it.

When you design your weddings, is there an area that you find more exciting to design, like for instance your dessert table?

No meal is complete without a dessert, that is my creed. The same applies to the parties that I create. When somebody takes a picture of a dessert table, I have visualized and, conceptualized and created for them… which is the pinnacle of satisfaction for me. Its like a work of art, but not only that; there is also the candle scaping, the flowers, the tent, the design on the dance floor and the dance floor itself. Then we have the food, the drinks, the vibes. Every last little detail for me is important. And the reaction I see on my guests when they cross that threshold is a feeling that never gets old…and the one that I am always thankful with each event. You could see my work at www.lafete.com.pe




Dear Readers:

Like Arturo, could you share with us, What is the secret to your success?