Celebrating success: Christine Pickrell, the winner of BEST FLORAL DESIGN award





BizBash, announced the winner of the 2016 Biz Bash style award last Tuesday at the Expo in New York.

I am so proud to share that my friend and twice Pb Protege alumni, Christine Pickrell, won this prestigious award for the Best Floral Design 2016 category at that event.

I believe, she deserves it for creating this dramatic entrance with 10,000 fresh white tulips. You hear it right, fresh and not silk.

For what I understand, the guests were blown away by this dramatic entrance.

Christine Congratulations, and I am very proud to call you a friend and PB Protege.


As you are aware, we just launch PB Protege Online Masterclass course. We are in the process of creating additional courses. What topic would you prefer to be covered mostly, in the next course?

A. Floral Design

B. Event Design

C. Planning

Please share, your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

For more info about PB Protege Online Marterclass please click link below.