Celebrating Good News


Preston Speaking at Cornell, Celebrating Good NewsMy home is 6 blocks away from my office, and while walking to work this morning completely lost in thought, a very kind young man stopped me and thanked me for my blog and new website.

I felt really touched and told him he made my day. To Tim and all of you who visit my site, I want to say a big thank you. Just knowing that you’re out there helps me keep not only talking the talk, but walking the walk.

Which brings me to another blog series I’d like to start. Why is it that we live in a culture that loves bad news? Whenever I hear a tragedy or some calamity like the bad economy, I notice my first inclination is to spread the news. I always feel emotionally and spiritually bankrupt right after watching the evening news.

At times I feel too disconnected and live with the feeling that success and happiness only happens in the future. It becomes a challenge to connect with the good news NOW.

So today, I’d like us to stop and share all the good news you received this past week, so we can celebrate with you.

Here are mine:

  • Personal: A very good friend of mine, who was battling cancer, found out that she is in remission.
  • Business: Yesterday I met with a group of students from Cornell University (pictured) and it reminded me all about the joy of learning. It also made me happy thinking about the course I just started with the Wedding Planning Institute teaching event design online and in colleges. I really feel like I can actually help and make a difference.
  • Book: I just finishing reading a book I considered life changing: Many Lives Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss MD. It reminded me that we are constantly being guided and helped me move away form greed.

What is your good news from this week?