Calling all Planners: What Are Your Best Tips For Making an Elopement Special?


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Dear Readers:

This morning, I looked at the paper and saw that today marks the 60th anniversary of the day screen icon Marilyn Monroe married baseball legend Joe DiMaggio. At the time, the two were arguably the biggest stars in their respective fields, so much so that they were dubbed “Mr. and Mrs. America” by various papers around the world. In an uncommon move, the couple chose to forgo a lavish affair and married, instead, at the City Hall in San Francisco.

Though the marriage lasted only nine months, the couple stayed close and planned to remarry on the day Marilyn was buried (very sad).

This made me think about elopements and ways to make them special. Everyone knows that I love to design an over-the-top event (I once planned an entire wedding for only the couple), but being the mushy romantic that I am, there is something very sweet about the city hall route. Today, I would like to challenge all of you planners to share special ways to make an elopement extra special for the couple. What are your best suggestions?



(Photo Courtesy of Pinterest)