Cake Pricing II


Dear Readers,

Today, I would like to continue our discussion about cake pricing.  Yesterday, I profiled a stunning cake by Darren DiPietro, a brilliant cake artist from The Cake Studio of Ocean City. I asked you all to guess at the price of the cake per slice.  The actual cost is $14.00 per slice.  In an effort to shed a bit more light on pricing, I asked Darren a few questions.
PB: What is the general cost of a cake?
DD: They can start at $3.00 per slice, depending on the region.  That said, as with flowers, you get what you pay for. Intricate designs, handmade  details and interesting flavors will cost more.
PB: What is the most popular flavor requested?
DD: There are no rules regarding cake flavors.  They are those who still think that wedding cakes should be white cakes with white frosting.  Clients are afraid to have anything “out of the ordinary,” although chocolate is always a popular flavor.
PB: What reasons do brides give, not to pay the right price?
DD: A lot of clients will say “so and so will do this cake for less.”  But a savvy customer will ask themselves if the quality is the same.  Many times, people do not allocate enough budget for the cake.  They often want more for less.
PB: I always thought that the Bridezilla-type shows on television give our industry a bad name.  Personally, I have never met one of these types of brides. Do you think the TV cake shows help the industry?
DD: The TV shows have done a good job in showing people the work that goes into creating a modern cake. The shows helped introduce people to the complexity, and many techniques used by many talented cake decorators.  Hopefully after seeing this, they understand our need to charge properly.
My next question is for all you readers. Planners usually have the overall picture in mind and almost always have great ideas for a cake design – do you think they deserve a commission because of this?
If you are in the cake industry, please also feel free to also address the questions above.
I look forward to your responses.