Budget VS Dream Wedding: 5 Things To Think About



Dear Readers:

I am often asked for advice for brides who are looking for a loophole in the situation where their dream wedding doesn’t necessarily coincide with their budget. Today, I would like to share my five tips for the many of you who have sent in emails on this topic.

Manage Your Expectations: I personally love beautiful and inspiring images, and I am not the only one (hence the popularity of sites like Pinterest and Tumblr). That said, it is important to look at these images and pull out elements that you can afford instead expecting to have it all. The reality is that most people cannot have it all without an unlimited budget, which brings me to my next point…

Focus On What Is Important: Of course, I hope this is decor (can you blame me?) but if it’s flowers, food, music, the dress or a special venue that has meaning for the two of you, that’s where you should place the bulk of your budget. Sit down and really think about what’s most important and reflective of you, as a couple, and then go from there.

Think In-Season: I often see brides looking to ship their “favorite” flower in, and that’s wonderful–if your budget allows it.  If not, stick with seasonal flowers which are much more cost effective. Keep this in mind when working with your florist.

Light It Up: Lighting is a wonderfully effective way to dramatically change a venue and atmosphere.

Remember What Matters Most: One of the most romantic weddings I have ever been to was also the most humble. It was an intimate affair that was all about the love of the couple, and in the end, that’s what weddings are; a celebration of that love.

Planners, Florists, and Cake Artists, let’s help these brides. Share your best tips!