Budget Confusion: Are These Vendors Over-Promising?


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Dear Preston:

I am having a wedding with 300 guests and have a budget of $25,000 which needs to cover everything: location, food, and decor. I have called five different companies in the past three months. Three have told me that there is no way I can cover all of my costs for under $50,000 while two other have said it was doable. I don’t know who to believe. Can you share your thoughts?



Dear BC:

You should be very concerned. You may not like my response to this question, but I suspect the companies who are telling you that you will need to double your budget are giving you an honest answer. Though I understand that companies adhere to different pricing systems, there is a huge discrepancy in these estimates and that is a red flag to me. You can ask each company to itemize a list of everything you can expect (though this would be going above the call of duty on their end) but it would help you in comparing prices and making your ultimate decision. If you would like to contact us directly, I would be more than happy to advise you.

Speaking candidly, as a designer, budgets are a hard bridge to cross as times. I will also advise you to be realistic; if you can’t have it all, just have the things that are most important to you. Please be cautious of companies that over-promise and under-deliver. It’s better to have the best of a few things than to risk everything in the hands of someone who may have good intentions but ultimately won’t be able to execute the event they promised you would have.

What advice do you have for this bride? Should she prioritize, double her budget, or just hire the companies who assured her they can keep her event within her range and hope for the best?



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