Bride Spotlight: Natalia


I love designing various types of events–birthday parties, anniversaries, christenings–but over time I became known for my weddings. This may be because each new wedding I do becomes my favorite wedding. I get very attached to the brides I work with. However, there are certain types of brides I really love:

  • A bride who knows what she wants but isn’t afraid to be surprised
  • A bride who can stand up to her mother
  • A bride who wants to create new traditions

Each week, I’ll go through the many weddings I’ve done over the years and highlight one bride I’m still in love with.  This week, I’d like to talk about Natalia.
Natalia’s amazing dress was designed by Valentino. It was one of the last dresses the famous designer created before he retired.

Natalia and I bonded immediately since both of us have a Latin American background (her wedding took place in Colombia). It was very important to her that the ceremony and reception reflect her and her husband’s cultural heritage.

Not only was she incredibly gorgeous, but she was also very insightful and determined to create a new tradition. She and her husband Sebastian had the brilliant suggestion of involving the entire community into their wedding. We went out to the neighborhood high schools and commissioned several of the bands to perform in a Carnivale-like show for the guests as they walked from the church to the reception.
wedding celebrations

The performers on the left are the high school students creating Carnivale.

wedding celebrations

Little entrepreneurs. After the ceremony was over, we gave the fresh flowers to these neighborhood children so they could sell them.

Please tell me about your wedding (your own, or one you designed or planned)–what was that special twist you added to the ceremony or reception to make this wedding different from the rest?