Both Sides of the Story: The First Meeting


One of my goals is trying to be present in every single moment of my life. One of my favorites book is by the brilliant spiritual teacher Mr. Eckhart Tolle called The Power of Now. This book talks about the beauty of constantly being present in “the now.” I often practice this powerful tool every time I meet a new client or a potential new business situation.

For me, being in “the now” is gauging all the different types of feelings that come up at that moment. In these series of blog posts, I’ll try to describe, in a humorous way, what goes on in my head during various moments in meetings with my clients.

I’ll call this client Mrs Smith:
As soon as they walk in, I think, oh my god these women are gorgeous.
Mrs. Smith and Daughter: Good morning Mr. Bailey. I’ve heard so much about you. This is my daughter Jane Smith.
Me: (Thinking, “Wow, look at those outfits.”) Mrs. Smith, great to meet you both.

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Fall colors in a spring wedding

Mrs. Smith: My daughter is getting married in the fall and I am trying to convince her to do it in the the spring.
Me: (I get it, she wants me to help her convince her daughter) Well, both times of the year are great for a wedding.
Daughter speaking for the first time: I happen to like the wonderful fall colors.

place settings, table setting,flowers,wedding centerpieces,bouquets,arrangements

Winter colors in a summer wedding

Me: (Oh my DOUBLE GOD, LOOK AT THAT EXQUISITE RING. How does her tiny finger hold up that huge rock?) Well, at times, it’s kind of fun to use fall colors in the spring and spring colors in the fall.
Mother: (She looks at me as if I just asked her to spill red paint all over her Louis Vuitton bags) Mr. Bailey, in our community, that is simply not done.
Daughter: (Showing great excitement for the first time) Mom, this is my wedding and I can have any colors I want.

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Winter colors in a spring wedding

Me: (You tell her girl!) Mrs. Smith, the wonderful part about weddings today is that you can use any colors you like at any time. Of course, my job is to make it work.
Mrs. Smith: (She is still not happy with this answer but has decided to move forward) Thanks Mr. Bailey, let’s see what you can do.

QUESTION: Are you a bride who’s ever disagreed with your mom on what you should and shouldn’t do for your wedding? How did you handle it?