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This morning I talked about how to avoid disasters when it comes to flowers and floral decor.  Now, I’m touching on all other aspects of the event, so read on!


1. I have great empathy for the stationer who has to write and mail an event’s invitations. It’s very difficult to ensure that every guest receives his or her invitation and that every guest’s name is spelled correctly. Solution: Triple check that every single person’s name is right. And then check them all one more time. Unfortunately, you can’t control the postal system, but you can make extra invitations in case you have to resend any.

2. Select ink colors that are readable. If you use a gold ink on a cream paper, for example, guests will have a hard time reading the pertinent information. Your goal should always be to make things easier for guests, not harder! Solution: There should be a stark contrast between the ink color and the color of the card. Personally, I’m partial to classic black ink on any shade of paper.

3. There is also the issue of last-minute changes. When the “no” RSVPs start to roll in, clients will often decide to invite additional guests. Solution: Be prepared for this possibility. It’s part of your job.

Rental Company:

1. Sometimes you end up with the wrong size tablecloths, and, let me tell you, ill-fitting tablecloths are one of my biggest pet peeves. Maybe you accidentally ordered 60” tablecloths when you should have ordered 72”. Or maybe, the size of the tables changed after you placed your order. Solution: You might just have to let this one go. Most of the time, once the chairs are around the tables, it’s almost impossible to notice the tablecloth is a little short or a little too long. Sometimes, you just have to accept a bit of imperfection.

2. What should you do when you rent chairs and they arrive in horrible condition? Solution: Obviously, you should never use that rental company again. But, before you lose their number, demand they send you replacement chairs ASAP.

3. But what if your rentals arrive late or not in the quantity you ordered? Solution: In general, you should always arrange to have all of your rentals arrive a day early.

Lighting Designer:

1. Guests get pretty annoyed if the lights are shining in their faces all night. And who can blame them? Solution: Have someone sit down at every seat at every single table and make sure this will not happen.

2. Exposed cables can really take away the magic of an event. They can also be dangerous; you don’t want guests tripping over cables. Solution: Tape them down with tape the same color as the cables.

3. But what about exposed poles? Proper lighting can make or break an event. But you don’t want the event to look like a rock concert. Solution: Drape poles with fire proof fabric.

Now that I’ve covered florists, stationers, rental companies and lighting designers, tell me, have you ever had to deal with a crisis situation? What happened? Did you A) improvise and make it work, B) have a melt down, or C) do a little of both?

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