Big Budgets: A Nice Problem to Have


Ritz Carlton Hong Kong Lobby

Truth be told, I’m still reeling with excitement over my partnership with The Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong. I’ve loved The Ritz Carlton brand for years, but I’m also a big fan of Hong Kong. Just a couple of months ago I designed pop star Coco Lee’s Hong Kong wedding, and it was such a blast. Now that my CEO, Xoua Vang, has organized this partnership with The Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong, I have the opportunity to design more weddings in Hong Kong, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

What’s unique about this partnership, though, is that I get to design with a fantastic budget: The Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong and I will be producing million-dollar weddings. Wedding and event industry folks know that half the battle of every job is trying to secure a great budget. Last week I wrote about everything we’re offering couples with this generous budget. Click here to read all those details again.

Ritz Carlton Hong Kong Bar

While this is an amazing budget, and I couldn’t be happier, I also know that because of logistics and location, I still need to be very conscious about how I spend every penny. I have to make sure that every couple feels as though they are getting a luxurious, million-dollar wedding. It can’t just cost a million dollars; it has to feel like a million dollars, too.

Dear Readers, if you had a million dollars to spend on a wedding for 300 guests, where would you spend most of your budget? (I know what all the florists are going to say!)

Ritz Carlton Hong Kong skyline

Oh, yeah, and I did I mention that The Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong is the tallest hotel in the world?!

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