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This sleepy week between Christmas and New Year’s, I’m sharing some of my best blog posts from the last year. On Monday I shared tips for getting folks to comment on your blog. Tuesday I discussed commissions, Wednesday I tackled rejection, and Thursday we talked Twitter. But how could we possibly end the year without remembering the fabulous royal wedding?!

What a morning! Did you watch the Royal Wedding? I couldn’t resist! I had such fun on Twitter live tweeting with my fellow bloggers and tweeters! I must admit that with all the hype surrounding the Royal Wedding, I was afraid it might not live up to our expectations. Fortunately, I was very wrong!

It turns out the British and I have something in common: we both love color! Even though the queen’s yellow hat looked like a tasty lemon cake (at least to my eyes!) I thought she pulled off her ensemble. Yellow is such a bright, happy color, and I think the queen’s cheery color choice was her way of demonstrating her approval of this marriage. And all those hats! I think I was inspired by nearly every female wedding guest. Some of those hats would make truly delicious looking wedding centerpieces, don’t you think? I think I even spotted a couple of turbans with big, bright flowers. Did you see those, too? Ladies, please bring back the turban! It’s turban time.

Now, I know that many of you will disagree with me, but I thought that the Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie looked fabulous. And their fascinators were unforgettable. Those young ladies certainly aren’t afraid to be bold; they must have inherited that trait from their ballsy mother, Sarah, Duchess of York. I can’t wait to see what their wedding dresses look like when they eventually get married…

Speaking of wedding dresses, let’s cut to the chase. I thought that Kate Middleton’s wedding dress was so beautifully romantic. Everyone has been commenting how much her wedding dress reminds them of Grace Kelly’s wedding dress. I couldn’t agree more. Kate’s wedding dress with those pretty lace sleeves has the same timeless elegance of Grace Kelly’s wedding dress. We lost a brilliant artist when Alexander McQueen passed, and I thought it was such a fitting tribute that both Kate and her sister Pippa chose to wear McQueen. What a classy choice.

Did anyone else think that Kate’s wedding dress also looked a bit like Ivanka Trump’s wedding dress? Both wedding dresses evoke Grace Kelly and both feature lace sleeves. Ivanka and Kate both also chose not wear their hair in traditional bridal updos, opting instead to wear their hair down. I think they both looked so fresh and modern. I had the great pleasure of designing the decor for Ivanka Trump’s wedding, and her dress was breathtaking in person. I imagine Kate’s wedding dress was, too.

I can’t not mention the Royal Wedding decor can I? First and foremost, while I know many people liked Kate’s bouquet, I thought it looked more like a corsage! Where was the rest of it? I felt similarly about the rest of the Royal Wedding flora and fauna. The trees and greenery were a lovely idea, and you know I’ve been doing trees for years, so I always like that look. But there was so little of it! You know I don’t believe in understatement; I wanted more, more more!

What did you think? Did you like Kate Middleton’s dress? What about Pippa’s maid of honor dress? Pippa practically stole the show in that sexy number! I didn’t even mention the groom. I guess he was there, too, wasn’t he? I’m dying to know what you all thought. Please share your favorite moments and looks from the Royal Wedding in the comments.

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