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I’ll like to start a blog post, giving you a glimpse, how we bring one of our TRANSFORMATIONS to life, also the CHALLENGES that we face.

Recently, we did a wedding at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York, with an amazing planner, Norma Cohen.

The concept was ETHEREAL:

Our client wanted a modern yet dramatic space to celebrate their lovely daughter’s wedding. The good news is that our clients are very pleased with our design and installations.

In today’s blog post, I’ll like to point out two of the biggest challenges that we faced while bringing this event to life.

Challenge Number 1.

Hand-made Strands: As they say, God is in the details. I had the Idea of creating “thousands upon thousands of strings” to create this ethereal effect, with pure white silk rose petals attached to each string. The only way we could accomplish this was doing one by one which was time-consuming. We spent weeks preparing for this job.

One of the biggest challenges, we faced was that so many skilled labor required to complete this job.

Challenge Number 2.

Hanging the structure: I believe, one of the most exciting parts of transforming a space is creating a dramatic ceiling. Even to think of doing such ceiling transformation, you must have extensive knowledge of the mechanics that would take to finish the job. (To learn more about ceiling-mechanics, go to online)

We managed to create the proper mechanics, yet another challenge we faced, the countless hours that it took us to hang each strand to the structure. Somehow, we managed to pull it off, but the next time I might be a bit more cautious with the materials I choose and calculating the time required to install the job.


Do you think we captured the “ETHEREAL” effect, that my client requested? What would you have done differently?