Behind-The-Scenes: What Was I Thinking?



Dear Readers:

Have you ever done a design that looked like a great idea on paper, but turns into a major production once you begin to set things up?

I just finished an event where my plans to design a parterre garden for the entrance sounded like a fantastic idea.  This magical garden would be constructed with boxwood, bright yellow flowers and candles.  However, I soon realized what I was in for once we got to the candle portion of the design.  In order to get the effect we wanted, we would need to use 8,000 votive candles with LED lights.


What I did not think of was that each candle needed to be glued onto the surface!  You can see my head designer, Marie, stepping in to help us with this very ambitious project.

My question to all of you is this: Have you ever done a project that wound up costing you more time and money than you estimated?  Tell us about it.