Behind-The-Scenes: What In The Hell Was I Thinking?



Dear Readers:

Have you ever done a design that makes you look back and say, “What in the hell was I thinking?”  Well, that happened to me last year.   In my desire to create a Christmas tree that was different and unique, I decided to create the one above. Mind you, at the time I thought that, by creating these large cranberry balls and other balls made from flowers, classic ornaments and hanging crystals, I was being very inventive.  The entire effect was sparse, and frankly, almost sad. Luckily this was the Christmas tree I did for my office.  I quickly forgot about this design mistake, but to my great surprise, I had a client who  saw it, loved it,  and requested that I do something similar  for their office.

In today’s blog, I have a simple question: Should I go ahead and recreate the same tree, even though I thought it was one of my design mistakes? I am curious to read your answers.