Behind-The-Scenes: Was This In Poor Taste?



Dear Readers:

I have always thought that not following trends in the wedding industry is one of the most difficult things to do.  I once had a bride who told me, “I know modern is “in”, but I want to do something very different.  When she asked me if I thought going against what was popular was “OK” I told her, “This is your weddings and you should do whatever your heart desires.”  That’s when she said my favorite sentence. “I’d like you to show me something I have never seen before.”

A woman after my own heart!


Fortunately, this bride loved the design and was thrilled with her special day, but there are times when this approach, which is great in theory, is not always easy to execute.  Take for example my lovely client who was hosting a BBQ for her family and friends. She wanted something unique and I thought it would be fun to create a floral pig as a statement for the occasion.

Well, one of my managers found this to be highly inappropriate; how could they enjoy barbecued pork while staring at a cute floral pig?

One cannot win, folks.





(By the way, the answer from yesterday was $1,500.00. Well done to those of you who answered correctly.)