Behind-The-Scenes: Three Things I’ve Learned While Working At Preston Bailey (Hint: You Might Have To Punch Someone).




Dear Readers:

It’s been almost two months since I packed up my homecoming t-shirts and college pennants to move to New York City. I’m still not sure which my parents are more saddened by, the fact that their baby girl moved over a thousand miles away to begin working in the scary adult world or that their garage is still cluttered with boxes of Wofford gear (sorry, mom). Moving to a new city, especially one like New York, can be very intimidating but in my time working for Preston Bailey, I’ve managed to pick up a few things that have helped me adjust to my new life as an adult. 

Here are  three things I have learned:

I have no clue what I am doing.

Working for Preston is my first job out of college. That being said, since it is my first job, despite having interned here before, I have no idea what I am doing. It is to be expected with a first job; I’ve never been trained, I don’t have any solid experience to fall back on, I’ve never made the mistakes that a first time employee makes. For my first few weeks on the job, I came to work every day excited and terrified. I discussed with one of my coworkers one day how terrified I was of messing up and how I would sit at my desk hoping no one would realize just how scared I was. She looked back at me a bit shocked and told me she thought I was so put together, that I seemed calm and collected. Maybe I should have been an actress.

To get the conversation going, focus on what you hate.  

In one of my first meetings with Preston, he looked around the table and asked, “Forget what you love for a minute; what do you hate?” I couldn’t believe my positive and happy boss was asking this.  Before I knew it, everyone in the meeting was going off and the conversation became really interesting and vibrant. At the end of the discussion, he looked at all of us and said, “That’s passion. That’s interesting. You have a point-of-view to share. You know what you feel.  You don’t have to agree with me, but have something interesting to say!” It sounds funny, but that has helped me identify what I love so much more.

Don’t be afraid to punch someone in the face.

Being a southern girl in the big city can seem really daunting at times… Well, it seems that everyone is daunted for me. Not only do my parents worry about me being in New York, my amazing boss and coworkers worry a bit as well. I don’t have a very tough exterior and I have a big heart that people can take advantage of and everyone I know quickly picks up on that. Thankfully, I’ve managed to have everyone worry a little bit less about me. One night, my friend and I had been out to dinner and he had walked me to the corner of my block. We were both pretty tired so I told him to head home and that I would be fine walking half a block on my own. Well, I wasn’t. A drunk man walked straight to me with his arms out saying goodness-knows-what, and when I couldn’t get past him, I did what any southern lady would do: I made a fist. If there is one thing I learned while working in New York City, it’s that sometimes you just have to trust your gut reaction when faced with a problem.