Behind-The-Scenes: The Power Of Presentation


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Dear Readers:

As I have mentioned in recent blogs, I love presenting to my clients. I normally present several options for them to choose from and it is always an event in itself.  This is the first time a client will see their ideas come to life, so to speak, so it is very important that we make them feel as though they are experiencing a moment from their special day.

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Paying close attention to small details will go a long way.   Today, I want to give you a few ideas:

Give them a grand entrance. Make sure your entryway is clean, well lit and the decor is a good representation of your company. Greet  guests with a warm smile immediately upon arrival and attend to any needs they might have (taking their coat, for example). Have a small selection of tea, coffee, juices, fruits or other items  to offer your guests as well. If this is not possible, do be sure to at least have water on-hand.

Create a beautiful environment: Some of you may play classical music while others choose to have a light, non-offensive scent in the air. The important thing is to create an atmosphere that feels special, welcoming and comfortable for your guests. Think of your office as a taste of your abilities; lighting, organization and decor should all be representative of your brand.  Go beyond the presentation with your details. Have candles, mints and soft hand towels in the bathrooms and make sure staff members know client’s are coming in so to keep noise levels down and also dress up for the occasion.

Make their goodbye a memorable one.  There is something to be said about saying goodbye in a way that leaves the client feeling you appreciate their time, trust and are on this journey together.  Rushing away from them because you have another meeting isn’t going to make them feel special. Always give yourself an extra 10-15 minutes so that you can feel relaxed the entire time with them.  Walk them to the door or elevator, offer to call them a car or cab, if they need one and make sure to look them in the eye and give them your full attention just as you did when they were a potential client visiting you.  Attentive service should always be the aim, especially after they have hired you to help them with the event of their dreams.


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What are your tips for making a client feel extra special?