Behind-The-Scenes: The One Secret To Being “Different”.




Dear Preston:

I am a florist and designer who does well enough. I live in the Los Angeles area where the competition is fierce though the budgets are the same. When I see a Preston Bailey job, I immediately know it is yours. I want to know how to become different from the rest of the designers out there. I would love for people to know my signature style on sight.

Being Different


Dear Different:

When I tell you how easy it is to be different, you will be shocked. When I first started, I faced the same issues in New York. All of the budgets were the same and it was such a challenge to do something unique and different within those budget guidelines. This was until I woke up one day with an idea that changed my business. I decided to create one design element that people would notice and talk about in every event. This would be my “dramatic statement”. I still do this today. For instance, I recently did a wedding where we created this LOVE sweetheart table.  The guests loved it and the couple kept the table for their home.

I know that most clients want elegant and simple designs, but the irony is that most guests only remember the things that are unique and different. My advice to you is to focus on your own dramatic statements and you will see how rapidly this will set you apart from all of those who just follow trend-after-trend.

Readers: Do you have any advice as to how to become different? Also, what do you think of this sweetheart table?