Behind-The-Scenes: The Most Effective Way To Build A Successful Team



Dear Readers:

Many years ago, when I began working in this business, I had no idea that I would be sitting here, writing to all of you from an office in a studio that is not only where I work, but houses a staff full of vibrant, talented and creative men and women who have chosen Preston Bailey Designs as their professional home.

As a business owner, this is always humbling for me and it gives me a great joy, but also a sense of responsibility to give my best each and every day, not only for my clients, but for each individual on my team.  The majority of my staff members have been with me for many years and I often think of why.  I think the answer is simple; we trust, respect and appreciate the talents each person brings to the table and we share a vision. Now, don’t get me wrong, we are a family in every sense of the word. We disagree. We bicker. We get annoyed with one another and have all of the moments people who work closely with one another have. But when you know that the person with whom you are disagreeing is fighting for what they feel is the best outcome for the company and team, bickering becomes brainstorming. Before you know it, you have figured out a way to create moments like the one showcased above.

I share this with all of you new business owners.  So many times I see people hire who looks best on paper and then throw them into a role with little more than a list of expectations. When you do this instead of  really getting to know the person who is sitting in front of you and taking the time to introduce your company and vision with them beyond the mission statement and tagline, you could be unintentionally setting everyone up for disappointment. The hard truth is that it is much harder to move forward at a steady pace when people are looking in different directions, for guidance or have serious blind spots.

Today, I want to ask you all to share what your company vision is and how you share it in a real and practical way with those you work with. I would love to hear your thoughts.