Behind-The-Scenes: The Art of Appreciation


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Dear Readers:

We often find ourselves working long days under frantic circumstances in this business and it goes without saying that there will be times (especially on-site) when tensions may run high.  Toss in a lack of sleep and a much-needed attention to detail and you’ve got yourself a situation ripe with possibilities; some of them not to pleasant.  Today, I want to take a moment and discuss something I learned a long time ago which is the importance of not only respecting the talent brought to events by your colleagues and outside vendors, but also respecting their time, focus, energy, drive and the fact that they all have their own personal lives and experiences that they are balancing while on the job.

It is very easy to become so focused on the execution of a job that we forget that there are people there beside us.  We need what we need done, and done now, and when there are delays or complications, it’s not uncommon to find ourselves feeling the stress and anxieties that come along with these situations.  When I see or feel this happening, I have learned to stop whatever I am doing and take a deep breath.  I remind myself that I am in control of this moment and I have two choices; I can add more tension, stress and anxiety by reacting negatively or I can be focused on finding a solution and sharing my thoughts and needs in a way that doesn’t leave someone else feeling more overwhelmed than when I found them.   Nine times out of ten, approaching someone with appreciation for their space, talent, time, and even frustrations, will get us to all to a better outcome faster (and help to avoid bad blood to boot).

Today, I want to ask all of you how often you tell your colleagues and outside vendors that you appreciate what they do? When was the last time you thanked your colleague or staff members for the ways in which they aid your success?  You might find that doing more of this in the coming year may not only change your interpersonal relationships, but your business.