Behind The Scenes: Intern, Hattie Weber, Seizes An Opportunity An Becomes The PB Office Manager.


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Dear Readers:
When we started our intern program a few years ago, I never imagined that the wonderful talent and personalities we have been so lucky to benefit from knowing would come through this company. So many of our interns have done so well and expressed that what they have learned in our offices has helped them to move onto some incredible companies (Tumblr, Elle) and I could not be more proud. Once in a while, an intern surprises me so much that I have to stop and ask them to join our team; this happened with Hattie Weber.

Hattie joined our offices last year and was one of the most driven, organized, charming and talented young women I have ever met. My staff couldn’t stop raving at how eager she was to dive in and her attention to detail and professionalism was so impressive that I asked her to consider joining our team post-graduation as our office manager. To my great delight, she accepted our offer.

Today, I would like for all of you to get to know Hattie as you will very likely meet her if you ever attend one of our Protege events, come in as a client or just stop in to say hello.

You were an intern here at PBD last year and made quite an impact on the team; tell us a little about your experience.

HW: Working here, as an intern last year (and then as a full time in employee this year) has been just like a dream. When I was an intern I could not believe that I was able to come to New York City and be surrounded by such amazing people every day, I kept waiting to wake up and be back in Texas. I woke up every morning excited for the day and eager to see what fun thing I would get to do.

You just graduated from College (and we are so proud of you!). What made you want to come back and work with us?

HW: There are a ton of reasons I wanted to come back and work for y’all (can I say y’all in the north?). I think one of the biggest reasons was because of the environment in the office. From day one, I always felt welcomed and appreciated. I wanted to come back because I loved it here so much last summer and I wanted to be able to give this company my all.

You were able to work in all of our departments last year. Did any spark your interest as a possible career choice?

HW: You would think that a college graduate would know exactly what they want to do as a career, but I do not really have a strict five-year-plan mapped out yet. I love the world of events, as hectic as it may be, so I would like to have a career that is tied to that in some way or another. I honestly hope to learn everything that anyone can teach me. I only ever worked on small college events so the luxury market is brand new to me. I hope to learn every step and every technique to the whole process.

You are originally from Texas and just spent a semester abroad in France. New York is a very different place and you seem to be thriving in it.

HW: It’s more fun than I could have ever imagined! I never thought I would be a big city person, but New York is just so alive it gives me so much energy that I have to stop myself from skipping down the streets on my way home! I kind of miss wearing my cowboy boots all the time though.

What are some of your goals in your new position?

To be able to walk around the office and know exactly what is going on with every department
To be able to constantly be on top of everything that needs to get done
Mastering walking in high heels

What has shocked you the most about working here?

HW: Probably how freaked out I get whenever I answer the phone. I always knew that my generation was more comfortable with texting but I never realized how scary it was to just pick up the phone and talk to someone.

Take us “Behind-The-Scenes”. Share a secret; what should our readers know about the office?

HW: Everyone here is too funny! I go home every night with my face hurting from smiling too much!

Finally, what would you change?

HW: Not having to take a subway to get here. The 42nd street subway is a maze and I hate it. Sorry, New York.