Behind-The-Scenes: How Much Should This Floral Wall Cost?


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Dear Readers:

I would like to thank and congratulate the very committed group of PB Protege students who came into my office and shared their talent with me last week. We started the first day with Brenda, my brilliant social media expert, explaining how to get clients by using social media. Brenda was followed by our CEO, Kathy Romero, who explained the art of servicing the luxury market. Then it was my turn to discuss what I love most: Design (and more design).


In the afternoon, the students were led to a different floor where they spent the rest of the day with our floral genius, Sanaw, working on very intricate floral designs. The next day we discussed many things, including a very challenging topic: pricing. I explained there are three areas to keep in mind while pricing:

The material you use.

The time you invest (always make sure you give yourself an hourly rate).

The art you are selling.

In todays blog, I would like to show you one of the floral walls created by the class. This wall was done with individual flowers attached by a single pin. They were placed one flower at a time. This project was incredibly labor intensive and there were thousands of flowers required.



I would like to test your ability to charge effectively. In your estimation, how much should this 8 ft X 8 ft floral wall cost?

A   $4,000

B   $6,000

C  Over $6,000

I will share the correct response tomorrow on Facebook.