Behind-The-Scenes: Going “OTT” Without Getting Chaotic


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Dear Readers:

It is always so exciting to look at a blank space and think of the many ways to bring it to life. As a designer, dozens of thoughts may begin swirling in my mind, but when you start trying to piece one with the other, well, that’s when we learn the importance of synergy.  I have always believed that “more is more”, but it is important that “all” work well together.  Design can move from eclectic to chaos pretty quickly when there’s no real format being followed.

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This is not often easy to learn (or to remember). When new to the business and brimming with more ideas than experience, we sometimes want to show all that we can do in one event. When we have been in the business a while and have enjoyed a few accolades, we can sometimes feel we an do anything and forget that we can’t actually do everything in one design.

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Today, I am sharing a few images from an event we did where we played with patterns and colors while staying within the theme. Do you think the dance floor (the photo above) worked with the tables and overall look of the venue?