Behind-The-Scenes: Getting Ready For My Next PB Protege Class

Dear Readers:
I am writing all of you from my office where I am getting things set into place for my next PB Protégé class on May 19th and 20th. My staff and I enjoy giving these courses a lot, and as with our events. we are dedicated to creating a new and unique experience for each and every class. For the last Protege class, we rented an empty space here in New York and transformed it into a pop-up wedding venue.  This time, however, I decided to make the experience more practical.  I am hoping to have the select number of students create floral statements for all markets–with a luxury twist.
For the beginning market, we are hoping to teach you how to create elements that will set you apart as a florist (in a cost-effective way).
For the middle market, we plan to showcase floral elements that are more intricate.
Finally, the high-end market portion will show you how to create “over-the-top” elements with special attention to how to sell your designs.
In addition, there will be courses in social media, design and production and our in-house planner will be giving you some very valuable tips on transitioning into the luxury market.
Personally, I think the most valuable thing about this course is that I will be inviting a select group of future brides who are in the process of planning their wedding to see the designs. Attendees will have a chance to meet and speak with the brides while showing their work (so be sure to bring a lot of business cards to hand out to these potential clients).
Today, I want to test your salesmanship:  When meeting a bride, what are the three most important questions you ask her?