Behind-The-Scenes: Flowers Are Not Everything



Dear Readers:

We recently had the great pleasure of designing the space for The Thurgood Marshall College Fund benefit, a very worthy organization, in my opinion. This amazing organization raises money for education to help young people achieve their goals and dreams.

What is more honorable than that?

I am pleased to say it was a very successful evening and honored to have had the privilege of working with Apple, the amazing sponsors for the event.  I will say here that I have always known that Apple was an innovative company, but working with them really showcased what an incredible team they have. The men and women there are folks with great vision.

As I have always been fascinated by the tradition of finalizing the graduation ceremony by tossing the hat in the air, I decided to create an installation which suspended thousands of graduation hats in mid air to greet guests as they entered the event. As much as I love them, sometimes it is not all about flowers (did I really just say that?)

What do you think of the installation? Was I wrong to leave the flowers out?