Behind-The-Scenes: A Protege Makes Me Proud




Dear Readers:

I write this with so much joy that I feel I may gush like a proud father. Two days ago, I received an email from Nancy Tremblay of We Decor in Ottowa. A graduate of our PB Protégé iProgram, Nancy was kind enough to share a few photos of her recent event where she applied what she learned in the class.

Needless to say, I was beyond excited and I wanted to share these photos with all of you and asked this lovely artist she would grant me an interview. To my delight, she said yes. Please read on to hear her thoughts on the course (and find out what she’s up to now).

I loved the beautiful images you sent to me, and I was very touched by your sentiment that the Protégé  Class helped you advance. Can you share some of the things you learned that you felt help you?
NT: I really enjoyed my time spent with your whole Preston Bailey team. It was nice to learn there were so many different ways to transform a space down to re-doing an old vase or something simple as adding fabric or jewelry to some foam blocks. Learning to make “one- of-a-kind” elements was such a joy and I loved the access we had to your team.  You all really  empower everyone to be creative and push their limits. I would have been happy just to have learnt a few techniques from a pro, instead I was refreshed and re-energized by a kind and caring motivational person.
One of the things we aim to do in our classes is share our knowledge (mistakes and successes) in the hopes we can assist attendees on their own path.  I am curious;  do you feel your approach to design and business has changed since taking the course? If so, can you tell us how.
NT: I think your honesty about your own trials and tribulations on your path to success really helped me. It’s not a straight-shot to success, and even when successful, getting business will always always be hard work. I loved your philosophy that, no matter what beauty we create, it is the hard work behind it that counts. We worked so hard to get to where we are and won’t forget it.
As we are about to do a new Protégé course, I would love to share your advice to incoming students.
NT: The first thing I would say is be prepared to work, learn and really walk away motivated. From the moment I walked through your doors, I was so  impressed on how “real” everyone in your office was was in an industry that can sometimes be pretentious. To see someone on top “be real” was a great inspiration to me.  I would tell new students to come and be inspired, learn to push through the hardships and create amazing things!

What do you are the three biggest takeaways from your course?

NT: I would say the biggest takeaways were how to pay attention to every element in transformation, that you can be collaborative with the competition and still be successful and that success is always really a manifestation of hard work and long hours.  I would add that being successful doesn’t always change a person. You’re still very down-to-earth and so willing to share–as is your staff– and that is truly inspiring.
Finally, tell us what you are working on. I would love to know!
NT: Since the show, we have been moving into our new showroom/ warehouse.  We are quite excited and have reinvested to create a unique and functional environment.

Thank you so much, Nancy.

Let this post be a reminder to all of you other students;please send me your updates!