Behind-The-Scenes: 10 Ways To Avoid Being “That Guest” At The NYE Party



Dear Readers:

As many of you know, I am a recovering alcoholic which means that I am the last person to preach about alcohol. That said, getting wasted and making a fool of oneself, missing a good portion of the party due to being too intoxicated or waking up with a terrible hangover is never fun for anyone. With this in mind, I would like to share a few tips on how to pace yourself at any party–a wedding, an event and tomorrow evening.

Before going out, eat a tablespoon of peanut butter. This old trick coats your stomach which helps to avoid an excessive hangover.

Hydrate. Have a glass of water for every drink you have.

Trick your tastebuds. Ask the bartender to give you a glass of club soda with any bitter Campari. The bitterness reduces your desire to drink.

Pace yourself. If you are drinking champagne, try not to drink more than one glass per hour. (I know this one is hard.)

Keep away from sweet mixed drinks. Not only will your taste buds think you’re having dessert and want more and more, the sugar is what causes hangovers to be extra brutal.

Set up a fresh juice bar. Offer amazing non-alcoholic drinks with different options. This is not only a great way to help people pace themselves but offers non-drinkers options beyond water and boring (and unhealthy) soda.

Avoid cheap sparkling wines. The high sugar content will hurt you tomorrow (see above).

Do a non-traditional toast. If you are having a New Year’s eve party, consider a wine tasting party. This encourages your guests to taste, yet not over drink and to eat the food pairings.

Walk, cab, train or Uber.  No one needs to be behind the wheel if drinking. Better to play it completely safe.

Eat something throughout the night. Have a meal before the party and make sure to have a snack before every drink.

What are your plans for the New Year?