Bailey & Blum 2.0

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We enjoyed the first Bailey and Blum so much that we thought we would extend it to a summer weekend in New York (August 6th-8th to be exact). I can’t tell you how exhilirated and inspired I felt after that first session with all our mentorees.

I loved that we had all different levels of folks in the industry. Some were seasoned vets looking to take their business to the next level and others were just starting out and had so many questions. Marcy and I especially felt great spending one on one time with everyone. We felt that we could help them directly and I hope we did. (You can read more about Marcy’s take on the weekend in her blog post here).

And actually, you helped me too. One of the amazing Bailey & Blum attendees, Autumn Oser, ended up working with my team this past summer as a freelancer. I would have never met her if not for the past session.

This time around, Bailey and Blum will be all that and more (do you expect anything else?) I am opening my humble apartment to entertain attendees for dinner one evening, as well as a whole list of other surprises I can’t mention. So as to not spill the secrets, let’s look back at some pictures from the previous Bailey and Blum.

For more info on the next session, visit To apply for the weekend, click here. I wonder, what is the first question you would ask me if we had a one on one meeting together?