Back From Hong Kong



Got back from Hong Kong late last night and there was much to catch up on today. For those of you who follow my twitter you may have already seen this, but let me just say one thing about Hong Kong: the food is delicious. I absolutely came back five pounds heavier. But let’s talk more about the trip…

I was in Hong Kong to install several different pieces in the Atrium at the Landmark in Central, Hong Kong. The picture above is one piece of the installation—enormous chandeliers hanging all across the ceiling. The chandeliers hung over a calming fountain which I also decorated with beautiful bouquets of hydrangeas.

The audience reaction was a wonderful experience. Everyone craned their necks up to look at the chandeliers, taking pictures and talking to their friends. We’ll talk more about the trip tomorrow, mainly more about the places my crew and I visited and some new things we discovered.