Baby Shower for a Baby Daddy


I always wonder what happens in those all-female baby showers since men are not allowed. This is why we thought about starting an all-new tradition for the “baby daddies” of the world. One of our own employees, Junior, was expecting a baby which sparked the idea for us.

Junior started working for me when he was 18 years old and I have seen him grow into a man.

So, all of us in the company got super excited when he announced that he was an expecting father and having a little girl. We set out to give him a baby daddy shower surprise.

This funny image was created by our Creative Director Merv for the party invitation.

Here are some pictures from that fun day, and maybe this shower is the beginning of a new trend to celebrate a new life for all us guys.

Surprise! Junior walked into the room thinking it was a surprise party for a different employee, Oscar. He was completely blown away.

Our whole company knows how to party.

Me and Junior

I’m also happy to share this picture of Junior with his new baby girl. Julianna Belo was born on September 28th at 1pm. She was 5lbs, 1oz. and 19 inches long.

Tell me about the last surprise party you attended. Who was being surprised? You or someone else?