Art On Ice


Dear Readers,

There is an ever growing chill here in New York, reminding us all that winter is beckoning. Fortunately, the holiday spirit is gaining momentum. Stores are covered in lights and garland, jewel-toned gems sparkle in the windows, and the streets are filled with shoppers holding goodies for loved ones.  It’s a beautiful time of year for all, regardless of what one does and does not believe. I always enjoy cooler months.  I find it cozy and tend to sleep a little better (which is something I love to do when time allows).

In honor of the dropping temperatures, I thought I would highlight a few ice installations that I found interesting.  Take a look and share your thoughts!

Bundle Up!


Sapporo Snow Festival


Which one is your favorite and why?


How would you like to stay in a Hotel Made of Ice?



Photo 1: The Oriental Caravan Photo 2: Sakura Hostel Photo 3: Design Folio Photo 4: Hotel de Glace